Wira's Silver Bali started as a small-scale home business comprising of only one production workshop in the 1980s. In 1994, we began to have a physical store located in Celuk Village, Sukawati, Gianyar. In that era, Celuk silver crafts business reached the peak of its glory, until Celuk is known as the center of silver handicrafts in Bali. Post-tragedy of Bomb Bali in 2004 ago and many other factors, caused the worsensilver industry in Celuk Village. Only a few production houses have survived to date. The global era has made so many businesses competing in this industry. Without an effort to maintain existence through intense product introductions, and maintaining product quality, it is almost impossible to survive.

Currently, Wira's Silver Bali has owned patents under the Ministry of Trade of the Republic of Indonesia. With more than 20 years experience in this industry, Wira's Silver brings the beauty of Bali silversmith craft with the best natural ingredients. We use 925 silver as the best silver raw material for jewelry made, combined with the original natural gemstones as well as the finest pearls from Indonesian waters. Starting from the process of silver material selection, to the detailed selection of one by one every gem and material we do strictly. We pay great attention to the security of delivery, that the product reaches you in good condition. Each of our jewelry is through a strict quality control process, so only the best quality silver jewelry of Bali is just for you.

Wira's Silver Bali has been trusted to be Indonesia's representative in the international trade mission while maintaining the existence of Balinese handicrafts in the national industry arena. We are trusted many times to attend exhibitions nationally and internationally, thus spurring us to continue to work on producing quality products.