Oval Garnet Silver Earring (WE001)

Oval Garnet Silver Earring (WE001)

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Oval Garnet Silver Earring

Code : WE001

Dimension : 2.3 cm x 0,6 cm

Material : Silver 925 & Red Garnet 

Silver earrings combined with genuine Garnet gemstone from nature.

Material: 925 silver, genuine garnet stone


We use 925 silver as the main material of silver jewelry making. Silver 925 is a combination of silver and metal that produces the best quality silver jewelry. The silver jewelry produced has a beautiful color, and a capable strength, even has a long period of use.

Silver Wira Silver Bali jewelry consists of a variety of designs, ranging from traditional to modern, which further enhance your appearance. Our jewelry is done directly by the art hands of experienced Balinese silversmiths for jewelry that is not only eloquently satisfying, but with strict quality control, our jewelry has the durability that makes Wir'sa Silver Bali products different from other jewelry.

Our jewelery is also adorned with original natural stone from all over the world, and also beautiful fresh-water pearls from Indonesia.

With 25 years experience in producing silver jewelry, our products have been known to foreign countries, including USA, Argentina, UK, Australia, East Asia, and many other countries. In establishing those relationships, we strongly emphasize the importance of quality to ensure that Wira's Silver products have the best quality possible, which is perfect to be yours.

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